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Founded in 2010, Topline provides personalized marketing solutions and services to enterprises. Focusing on the mission “Discover and realize sustainable business values”, Topline is committed to provide clients with unique marketing products such as strategic advisory, customized marketing solutions, marketing technology and standardized tools, helping companies to cope with real-time business challenges and build long-term sustainable market-leading strategies.

Topline is known for its keen market insight and proven marketing solutions and is one of the few Chinese marketing organizations in the industry with its own methodology framework. Topline’s “New Value Strategic Marketing and New Value Public Relations” Framework summarized from years of its marketing practice, uses strategy to lead Closed Loop Marketing – from formulation to execution, and helps companies cope with complicated marketing situations, improve the efficiency of marketing decisions, reduce marketing costs, and expand marketing results. We have been successfully practicing this methodology with over 200 products and brand marketing campaigns of 30+ brands.

As an important marketing player in the domains of smart devices and technology/AI, internet and finance in China for years, Topline has also carried out many effective communication practices in the domains of FMCG and international business.

Over the course of 12 years, Topline has worked with many Chinese and foreign brands, such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, Baidu, 58 Group, VIP.com, Ping An Group, CITIC Bank, HSBC, DBS Bank, BMW, Yadi, Megvii, Fangte, Mengniu Dairy, DenCare, Qiaqia Food, just to name a few, to carry out long-term and in-depth partnerships. With various and holistic marketing communication services including brand consulting, strategic PR, product marketing, and creative events, Topline has witnessed extraordinary business results for clients of different industries at different stages of their development.

Technology and internationalization are Topline’s important differentiated service capabilities. In February 2017, we launched TopSocial, a data marketing platform, which further enriched our service portfolios with resources + technology capabilities to provide client with new efficient and cost-effective media delivery and marketing data services.

Topline is also the first and the only Chinese company to have inaugurated direct business operations in South Asia. From July 2018 to present, Topline has established its marketing communication brand TopMind in India, introduced the India version of TopSocial’s data marketing platform covering Southeast Asia, developed the AI-empowered and driven education technology product “YiChi APP” (a Chinese learning mobile application), and launched an NGO organization – Think Culture Foundation (TCF). Today it has become the most dynamic and leading overseas marketing communication brand in the India market.

On December 9, 2021, TopSocial India announced the launch of India’s first Meta-Influencer – ‘Kyra’, marking an important step forward for Topline in the field of digital technology and digital marketing. As a matter of fact, Topline is already one of the important bridges for private investment, business engagement, academic and artistic exchanges between China and India.

Topline adheres to the corporate culture of “professional, enterprising and sharing” and advocates the work styles of “Honesty, Sincerity, and Capability”. With a fast, efficient, results-oriented work system internally, we have won much recognition with outstanding workability.

In the second half of 2016, Topline was officially listed on China’s National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ). End of 2017, we raised an investment of RMB 100 million Yuan from Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and Shenzhen Qianhai Fund, thus becoming the first company which Shenzhen Venture Capital Group has invested in the marketing communications sector. In the China International Public Relations Association’s public relations annual company rankings, Topline has long been ranked in the TOP30 list since 2016.

Topline has its headquarters in Beijing, China and offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chongqing cities, and its India office in Bangalore. Topline’s more than 350 professionals are ready to provide 7×24, multi-market, multi-strategic, practical and global marketing solutions for our client.

Topline's Values

Sincerity, Honesty, Professional Capability
We Create Value With People Who Share Our Passion

Topline's Culture


To become a global, diversified and progressive sustainable organization, co-evolving with great brands as partners of business growth.


Discover and realize sustainable business values


Creating business values is the only reason why we exist

Be daring to create and achieve our dreams; Always be excellent in our work

Embrace differences and empower each other to make big wins

Be a reliable and accountable person, be responsible for positive results

Believe and admire beauty and brilliance; Always pursue quality and joy

Be kind and altruistic, and contribute to industry and society

Talent Standards

Smart (Capabilities)

Show Ownership (Responsibility)

Self-driven (Goal-oriented, Ambitious)

Empathetic, sensible and reasonable (People Relations, Teamwork)

The Topline Style

Topline Work Style: Topline’s 14 Commitments
  • Our common goals bring us together. We are immensely proud of being Topline members.
  • We strive to pursue our cause, as we believe that the cause’s success is the cornerstone of a happy and meaningful life.
  • We consistently make stringent requirements of ourselves because we believe the prerequisite for gaining respect from others is to respect ourselves.
  • We have faith in the power of sharing. We all understand it is a joy to sharing our gains and successes. And we fully comprehend that sharing our cherished beliefs, pursuing dreams, strengthening our
  • perseverance and overcoming challenges are even more valuable.
  • Every day, we will start our work with a cheerful attitude. Because of our great responsibilities and obligations, we resolve to pitch in and work hard on everything. At the same time, we believe the value of our work also is a source of joy in our personal lives.
  • We will be honest to ourselves, and to our clients, colleagues and partners. We believe honesty is an essential virtue for everyone. Only people who are honest with themselves can be sincere and true to others.
  • Continued learning is the foundation of professionalism and the way of progress. Sparing some time for study each day can enable us to constantly improve and allow us to work tirelessly towards our life goals. Because we believe chances favors the prepared mind.
  • Innovation and thinking are the heart and soul of the industry we are working in. We will always remain curious about everything, and keep creativity and imagination at work. What we bring to our clients will be beyond their expectations.
  • We love our team. Not only do we have a common pursuit and goal, but we also work and share with each other in the pursuit of the same cause.
  • We admire and respect every colleague. Everyone has their own advantages and are worth learning from. We will proactively offer help to colleagues in difficulty because we are companions on the same journey.
  • Our image represents our firm’s image. When dealing with clients, partners and colleagues, we will act professionally at every moment, and impress them with our professional service and sincerity.
    It’s our duty to maintain a comfortable work environment. We treat the firm as our home because it is the place where we work and achieve success.
  • We will observe the firm’s rules and regulations. Only in this way we can work in an orderly manner, professionally and efficiently.
  • As a trustworthy and responsible team, we promise that we can strictly abide by the above rules and commitments.



Management Team


Michael SONG

Nearlly 30 years of brand management and marketing communications experience.
Bachelor's degree in Economics from Nankai University, Master's degree in Economics from Renmin University of China, EMBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).


Yuefei HU

Over 16 years of financial, IT and Internet industry marketing experience.
Digital product and mobile phone aficionado, social media writer, and keen observer and practitioner of Internet marketing.
Bachelor's degree from China Youth College for Political Science.

Executive Director

Leslie XIE

Nearly 30 years of media, journalism, public relations and marketing experience.
Bachelor's degree in International Politics from Renmin University of China.

Chief Strategy Officer

Canfool Yi KANG

20 years experience in brand management and marketing strategy planning.
Column contributor to China's top newspapers including People's Daily, The Economic Observer and China Business Journal.
Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Hubei University.

Our Clients

Our Milestones


In February, TopSocial India submitted “India on My Tecno Campaign”case won “Best Content in an Influencer Marketing Campaign”award in Indian Content Leadership Awards 2020, won “Drivers of Digital Awards and Summit”award in Best Content in an Influencer Driven Digital Marketing Campaign.

In April, YiChi App developed by TopView India, won the gold in the app design category in 2021 Indigo Design Awards.

On May 21, 2021, China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) released the 2020 TOP company rankings in Beijing, Topline ranked "CIPRA annual TOP30" list.

In June, Provoke released Global PR Agency Rankings 2021, Topline Ranked 3rd in Fast Movers Rankings list.

In July, Topline submitted “Tencent Ethereal Audio Event” case won golden prize for “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” in China Content Marketing Awards 2021.

In August, Topline eligible in “Top 20 Advertising Agency in the first-half of 2021” list released by Adquan.com.

In the 17th China Best Public Relations Case Competition on November, Topline submitted “BMW Group China Sustainability Summit 2021” case won the silver prize for “Corporate Social Responsibility”, Fangte Glorious Orients Revolution Tourism Marketing” case won the bronze prize for “Tourism & City Brand Promotion”, OPPO Rollable Phone Experienced Marketing” case won the bronze prize for “Product Communication “.

In 2021 Golden Flag Award on November, Topline submitted “BMW Group China Sustainability Summit 2021” case won the golden prize for “Corporate PR Communication”.

In the 9th Mawards on November, Topline submitted “Tmall 618 New Life Brand Communication Campaign ” case won the Golden Prize for “E-commerce Retail Industry”.

In December, Topline submitted “Hsbc Digital Members' Community Marketing” case won the silver prize of “Private Traffic Marketing” in 2021 Top Touch Festival, and silver prize of “Private Traffic Marketing” in 2021 Gold Rank Awards.


In January 2020, Adquan.com released the “Adquan Index” list, Topline was ranked the Second in the “Annual TOP 15 Corporate Agents” list.

On May 28, 2020, China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) released the 2019 TOP company rankings in Beijing, Topline ranked "CIPRA annual TOP30" list.

In June 2020, the case of “Vanward 1212 Companion Day Brand Campaign” won the Golden Prize of “Brand Activation” in the 12th Golden Vision Awards.

In October 2020, Topline submitted “Vancard Safe Home” case won the Bronze Prize for “Best Scene Marketing Innovation”, “Honor MagicBook Pro – The classic Mountains and Seas Cross-Marketing” case won the nomination award for “Best Event Marketing Innovation” in the 8th Mawards.

In the 16th China Best Public Relations Case Competition on November, Topline submitted “Honor Router 3 - Super Signal Challenge” case won the silver prize for “Product Communication”, “Honor V30 – National Day Event Marketing” case won the silver prize for “Content and Public Relation Marketing”, “Megvii AI - Covid-19 Prevention Marketing” case won the golden prize for “Artificial Intelligence and Technology Communication “.

In 2020 Golden Flag Award on November, Topline submitted “Honor V30 Witnessed the Military Parade of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China” case won the golden prize for “Digital Marketing”.


On May 15, 2019, China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) released the 2018 TOP company rankings in Beijing, Topline ranked "CIPRA annual TOP30" list.

In 2019 Golden Flag Award on October, Topline submitted “Yadi G5 Product Launch and Brand Promotion Communication” case won the Gold Prize for “Entertainment Marketing”, "58 Social Marketing of the New Year Start Work with Red Envelope" case won the Gold Prize for "Community Marketing", and “China CITIC Bank Value Customer Operation Campaign” case won the Gold Prize for “Marketing Effectiveness”.

In the 15th China Best Public Relations Case Competition on November, Topline submitted “Huawei Honor V20 – Product Integrated Marketing” case won the Silver Award for “Product Communication”, the “VIP.com – 419 Shopping Festival Marketing” case won the Silver Prize for “Digital Communication and Public Relation”, and “Zhuyeqing-Tea Entertainment Marketing” case won the Bronze Prize for “Entertainment & Sports Communication and Public Relation”.

In December 2019, Advertiser Review (was named “Advertiser Magazine”) released the “China Social Marketing Ten Years Report” and “TOP 100 Companies list” in Beijing, Topline was ranked in the list “TOP 100 Social Marketing Companies in the past Ten Years”